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Dicerna Pharmaceuticals 채용 공고 포워딩해 드립니다.


Dear Colleague

 I am a drug discovery research group scientist at Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, a biotech in Cambridge, MA specializing in oligonucleotide-based therapeutics.  Dicerna is expanding, and we have multiple excellent opportunities available for scientists to join our company. I was wondering if your organization would be interested in posting any of these job opportunities for interested individuals, either physically such as on a departmental bulletin board, or on a shared network.  These should be very attractive positions for qualified candidates. Below are links to a few of our online postings (on LinkedIn); we can also send PDFs of position descriptions.  Additional Dicerna positions are also listed on LinkedIn, and all Dicerna opportunities as well as information about Dicerna can be found on our company website:

Positions within our RNAi Discovery group: 

Scientist, RNAi Discovery

Scientist, RNAi Discovery/Bioinformatics


Research Associate, RNAi Discovery


Thank you and best wishes,


Jihye Park, PhD

Scientist II, RNAi Discovery

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

87 Cambridgepark Drive

Cambridge, MA 02140

President, New England Bioscience Society Inc (NEBS) 

Homepage :
NEBS member email subscription :
Facebook page :

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